god is a verb

god is a verb, not a noun. // buckminster fuller

growing up as a [catholic] christian i’ve always learned that god was a man with a white beard and robe who lived in the clouds, that i was closer to him while inside the church and that his fists held power that i’d never comprehend. in other words, i grew up learning and thinking of god as a noun – a person, a thing that had a place in space.

do i really want to spend my life praying to a static god?

god is a verb, a variable that is able to adapt and change to  billions of very specific circumstances simultaneously. god is movement, god is dancing, god is embrace, god flows through us like the holy spirit encourages the wind to travel. i want to spend my life worshipping this god – the god that is within us rather than above us. he humbled himself to become 100% man while being 100% god so we could see him as a verb, not a noun.

still not convinced of this whole verb thing? consider a forest and all that makes up it’s brilliance – moose, deer, fox, and squirrels, down to the sprouting grass and inch worms, every leaf, rock and speck of soil. all of these things not only worship god with their vibrant colors, beastly strength, persevering growth, and all around majestic beauty, but god is the leaves dancing, the beasts breathing, the mothers nursing their young, the rocks breaking the water’s current, the seeds growing and flowers blooming. god is green and indigo and yellow and every shade of blue, god is comfort and stability in the eye of a storm, he is embracing the life of his smallest handiwork that only he knows exists. speaking of pronouns [not to be confused with god being a noun] – god is he, she, we, and us. god is everyone and everything. god is being and doing in every aspect of your life – god is existence, god is endurance. now doesn’t this sound like the kind of god you want to invite into your life?

god is your laugh, my tears, our every breath. god forgives my mistakes, encourages you to change, celebrates our victories.

if love is a verb and god is love, then god is a verb.


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