The hardest thing about gift-giving is acquiring the perfect something that will, when that special someone tears the wrapping paper off of it, jump for joy, gasp of happiness, and grin a mile wide. That’s why we give – to witness the bliss of the receiver. Forget a Godwink, finding the perfect gift and watching someone open it is a total Godhug. But, finding that perfect “something” is HARD. What do you get your brother and sister-in-law who has everything you can think of? What else is there to get your niece or nephew besides a giftcard to Target or Buffulo Wild Wings? Yes, it’s hard… but be THAT gift-giver this year – be the reason for the joy-jumping, happy-gasping, and, wide-smiling. Put some thought and effort into an individualized, mapped out gift that will, in return give you a Godhug.

Here are a few unconventional, individualized, small-business, joy-jumping ideas to help you this Holiday season:

*Check back frequently! I will add ideas throughout December!

The one-stop-gift-shop! Follow the link below or venture over to my CRAFT page where you can order pinterest-inspired wooden signs to get that happy-gasping reaction from everyone in your family or friend group!


Erin Summers – a Kansas girl, living in Pennsylvania, can design, create, and produce anything you would like in regards to calligraphy and graphic design! Her specialty? Ornaments! Check her Etsy website out!


April – a midwest-loving photographer ready to laugh, cry and celebrate the most special moments of your life. Willing to bend over backward to make your wedding day/portrait session the best it can possibly be, April wants to be a part of your story.
Mention “Godwinks Blog” when you book with April & receive 10% off a session or wedding package!

Sophisticated Grace Photography

Maisy Diegnau – a college-girl on the go, fundraising her own way to a year long internship with Young Life. Christmas, birthday, thank you, words of encouragement… you name it, she will make it! I asked for “just because” & “Thanksgiving” cards & was a happy customer! Help her fundraise  by purchasing a pack of cards! 5 cards for $5 or $1 each & gratuity for mail-delivery is appreciated. Email her at:

Cairn – built by a group of passionate outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, they are inspired to enrich and expand the outdoor experience by fostering connections among those who create and enjoy it. Subscribe to Cairn or give a gift. It’s perfect for the adventurer in your life. My best friend subscribed me for 4 months – awesome products gave me the joy-jumping reaction.

Check out Cairn here!


More ideas:

State/National Park Passes
Wisconsin State Parks
Minnesota State Parks
National Parks

Local Memberships 
Swinging Bridge Brewery, River Falls, WI

I’ve always imagined getting all the special ladies in my life together with their recipe boxes, signature dish, & a pen to sit around a table, handwrite copies of their favorite recipes, and share their favorite dishes. Everyone would get a copy of the best recipes – handwritten. There’s just something about sitting at the counter when your mom makes her grandma’s infamous baked good & the recipe sits, vanilla stained & full of sugar, on the counter; the corner bent, ink worn, & the prettiest penmanship I’ve ever seen. I stare at it as the Kitchen Aid rumbles, eggs crack, & evidence of homemade goodness accumulates across the kitchen. Do it – give recipes, moms grandmas, & friends. They’re underrated – Pinterest has nothin’ on you!

Handwritten letters via US Mail
What is more exciting than getting an unexpected, actual letter in the mail? Not a jury duty summon, an Amazon package, or even Christmas cards. I’ll wait. My favorite part of snail-mailing special people, is not getting a text saying they got my letter. Yes, you read that right – it’s NOT getting a text or call. I love imaging someone opening my letter like it is just something we do. And I love anticipating a letter in return – it’s fun to wait for the tattered envelope with an inked stamp to show up in the mailbox. Consider the trip it took from the hands of it’s writer to yours. The pressure it endured from the pen and palm that rested on it, the ink stamp, and stack of letters that toppled it in the mail-man’s mail bag. It’s as if the letter experienced pressure over time to arrive in your hand a diamond.  Put pen to paper this year, send the gift no one will ever forget – send letters. 

Just books; paper copies. Give someone your favorite book.

Minnesota Children’s Museum
Minnesota Zoo
Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Ancestry DNA Kit