Miss Deiss’ Earth & Arbor Projects

Miss Deiss’ Earth & Arbor Projects

The past two weeks I have been swimming in plastic bags! To celebrate Earth Day & Arbor Day, we (5 students & I) hosted a Plastic Bag Drive! We designated a small space in my classroom where students kept busy collect, counting, sorting, grouping, and stuffing plastic bags!!! (Some “looked” like they had poop on them so I had a couple gaggers – lol) It got pretty competitive – especially once Dilly Bars were involved. The class with the most plastic bags collected won a dilly bar party! Our winning class had over 1,100 bags.

Grand total: over 7,900 plastic bags!


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On Arbor Day, we loaded a van FULL of our bags & took a trip to the Pierce County Recycling Center where we toured the facility, saw some serious recycling action, & dropped off our bags! What an AWESOME opportunity for my kids to learn goal making, predicting, organization skills, team work, dedication, communication skills, and leadership. These kids are rockstars! #luckiestteacherever

PS – if Room 231’s walls could talk, the past two weeks they’d have stories to tell… :)

A Miss Deiss Sneak Peak

Well, that’s a wrap! My first 1/2 year of teaching at Hillcrest Elementary is dunzo and Ellsworth Elementary is in the works of being a fully functioning, nearly 800 student school! On Wednesday, December 20th the entire gang came over to EES for a few hours. It took longer than planned, but we managed to get every single student and staff member into one giant panoramic photo.

As we prepare for January 5th (first day with students), I’ve witnessed and felt many emotions – stress, excitement, anticipation, sadness, and overwhelm. Above all, though, there is a massive sense of oneness. Whether we like it or not, many are becoming one. Many schools, many people, and many offices now reside in EES. The same hallways kindergarteners and 4th graders walk, the superintendent walks. Breakfast and lunch is prepared, toilet paper and paper towels are refilled, lesson plans are made, wifi is being fixed, fires are being put out, and phones are being answered all under the same (giant) roof! It is going to be organized chaos and AWESOME.

A view from inside the room! To the left in the door to the hallway, student seating, & I opened my storage wardrobes to show the fun stuff! Lots of sensory items, documents, student resources, & Legos. LOL. The far right wardrobe is for my 3 wonderful aides & any other staff  who needs a place to call home. :)

Instead of SMARTboards, we now have interactive projector boards.
*Fun Fact: we can only hang things on magnetic surfaces in the room.
Studies show that less stimulation in the classroom increases student performance!

The two far doors lead into Safe space/Sensory rooms for students to utilize when their bodies are unable to be in their classroom. The door to the right leads into a Motor/Sensory room with a large spin chair, bean bags, a trampoline, pillows and very low lighting.

Here is a panoramic view if you were to walk into my room right now! (Missing some furniture)
It will be a (hopefully) quiet, low lighting, and low stimulation space with multiple tools to help students who are not able to learn in their classroom for various reasons. :)

As the Behavioral Special Education teacher, it’s so important to make my space not only physically safe, but feel safe. Whether a student needs to cool off, take break, blow off some steam, do some academic work in a quiet space, receive low sensory input, or needs a place with a caring adult to process through something, this space is designed for it. It will adapt to the culture of the students soon enough – but for now, this is Room 231! WELCOME!

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