Welcome, friend. I am so happy you’re here checking out Godwinks. The premise for this space is simple – to find happiness in every corner of our hearts. I invite you to explore this space – there are many pages to get lost in for a while. Stay as long as you like, thank you for visiting :)

I’m Katie – Godwinks is a space I created at the beginning of 2017 – but like most new year’s resolutions, posting faded and life got busy. I decided to come back and to make Godwinks a part of my every day life! Wahoo! Anyway – I am 22, soon-to-be 23 in March. I teach emotional/behavioral special education at the Ellsworth Elementary School and I am obsessed with it, the friends I get to work with, and the germy-fingered kiddos I get to see every day. (yes germy fingered – I’ve been sick all of fall!) When I’m not teaching, I am a caretaker for my best friend, Miss Leah. You may know her – people find more joy in seeing her than they do me (Including myself :)) I really enjoy crafting – a page you can find here, I also find myself buying plane tickets more often than not to go somewhere; anywhere. Finally, a part of the reason I created this space and something very prevalent to my life is my faith. A friend recently told me, “The storm is a great place to be… understand you are a reflection of The Father and a shift in your perspective is needed. You are loved and sought after on your best and worst days.” I’m searching to grow, explore, and dig into this part of my life and make it the center. Thank you for stopping in to Godwinks, I hope you find joy in corners of my heart.