if you’re happy & you know it


happy first day of spring!

i have to admit, i was more excited for daylight savings on march 12th than my birthday on the 15th. and today is the first day of spring – i am a happy human. spring isn’t usually people’s favorite season – things are brown, it’s rainy and still pretty chilly out. typically seasons like summer and fall – when it’s warm and colorful – are more popular. the reason spring is my favie season is because “dead” things come to life – like jesus after easter!

fun fact: the word “lent” means spring – and if you didn’t know, we are in the midst of lent. 27 days until easter and jesus is resurrected as he promised!

spring means trees begin to bear leaves and fruit and green grass start to push through last year’s dead grass.

you start to see people out walking their dogs, going to the park, and driving with their windows down. bears come out of hibernation and so do humans.

the coke stand opens, people mow their lawns, dusk is at 7pm or later, you put away jeans, sweats, and sweatshirts and you break out the shorts and tees.

boats and rv’s come out of winter storage, birds come back from the south, the land gets tilled, no more sandy dirty roads from winter plows and waiting for vacations to the warm tropics.

baseball starts, softball starts, golf courses open, sunroofs open, ice and snow melts, dog poop somehow appears all over the yard, families do spring cleaning, houses get redecorated, and the dead leaves get swept off the porch.

my mom always told me that spring doesn’t officially

start until you see the first robin of the year.

what traditions do you have related to spring?

spring means the gardens get planted, the beach bags come out, sidewalk chalk trumps any other outdoor activity, mason jar bug collections appear, and the picnic basket gets filled.

there’s more laughing, bigger smiles, exposed skin, and happy hearts.

there are more pictures taken, invites offered, sandals bought, dog kisses, and sprinkler parties.


now you’re thinking, “yeah yeah katie, you just babbled about spring but what was the benefit of reading this until the end?” well, if you didn’t already know, the most important thing about today being the first day of spring is that dairy queen treats it as a holiday!

go get a free ice cream cone and celebrate spring!

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