So, do it. decide.

Is this the life

You want to live?

Is this the person

you want to love?

Is this the best you can be?

Can you be stronger?

Kinder? More compassionate?


Breathe in.

Breathe out.


[meredith grey – grey’s anatomy]


because our human brains were designed with zero capacity to know what the future holds, we waste a crazy amount of time weighing options and making choices. i get it… to a certain degree – do your research, analyze the pros and cons, the physical, mental, and emotional impact the decision will make on you and those around you. growing up our parents prayed we would always do this and “make good choices.” but at what point do we stop thinking that we are in control? god granted us free will to make decisions, but at the end of the day, all we can do is decide and trust that it is what god wants it to be for us. we get so caught up thinking that situations happen to us when it’s really that things happen to build something in us. so, decide. educate yourself of the options, then decide. there is no way of knowing that what you decided was the best option but the fun is that if it’s not, you get another chance. you always get another chance when you’re living for your creator and not yourself. so, if you’ve been waiting for that “sign” before making a big (or small) decision – this is it. decide and don’t do it for anyone but yourself.


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